Join us for daily bursts of liturgy for The Season of Creation

In the trees near by, the birds make their nests and sing. From the sky you send rain on the hills, and the earth is filled with your blessings Psalm 104:12-13.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Teachers Note

    • Creation

  • 2

    Week One -Animals & Sky

    • Introduction to OPEN for Creation

    • Wed 1st September

    • Thursday 2nd September

    • Friday 3rd September

  • 3

    Week Two: Care of Creation

    • Introduction to OPEN for Creation

    • Mon 6th September

    • Tuesday 7th September

    • Wed 8th September

    • Thurs 9th September

    • Friday 10th September

  • 4

    Week Three: Flowers & Trees

    • Monday 13th September

    • Tuesday 14th September

    • Wednesday 15th September

    • Thursday 16th September

    • Friday 17th September

  • 5

    Week Four: Oceans & Waters

    • Monday 20th September

    • Tuesday 21st September

    • Wednesday 22nd September

    • Thursday 23rd September

    • Friday 24th September

  • 6

    Week Five: A Home for all

    • Monday 27th September

    • Tuesday 28th September

    • Wednesday 29th September

    • Thursday 30th September

    • Friday 1st October

  • 7

    Week Six:

    • Monday 4th October

    • We'd love you to join us for our other OPENs

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* The Season of Creation is celebrated from 1st September to 4th October.

* Join us each school day of the season for our daily bursts of liturgy.