These online school based retreats and resources are designed to celebrate faith in school! Experience the gift of retreating as a community of faith, through sharing, prayer, song, sign language, and more, all written, recorded and provided for you by OneLife Music. Dan and Emily are already very well known for their visits to schools across the Midlands since 2010 and are now excited to be using their wealth of experience to create wonderfully tailored, pre-recorded virtual retreats for the school setting.


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Retreat Team Dan and Emily OneLife Music

Dan and Emily are the team that make up OneLife Music. Based in the midlands, between them they have a wealth of experience sharing faith, music and retreats in schools. OneLife Music Retreat and Music Ministry that has passion and belief for delivering original, exciting and faith-filled retreat days for Primary schools which are rooted in Scripture and formed by Christian Values.


  • Is it possible to extend the 30-day access limit?

    Yes. We can extend the 30-day access if, for example, your school purchase the Bundle now, but are wanting to run the whole school retreat later in the year. Please contact us via email! [email protected]

  • Do I HAVE to pay by card/ PayPal, or can you invoice my school?

    Yes, we can invoice your school! Please email [email protected] to request an invoice. We will email you with your school log-in details and an invoice.

  • I have noticed that all the retreats are made up of ‘sessions’. What does this mean?

    Each individual element of a retreat is classed as a SESSION. Films, PowerPoints, Handouts etc are all sessions. Don’t worry about the difference in the number of sessions for each retreat – they are simply different elements.

  • I have purchased all the Staff Twilight Reflections in a BUNDLE and I would like to know when I can access them?

    The Autumn Twilight is available NOW; the Advent Twilight will be available on 23rd November; the Lent Twilight will be available on 8th February; the Summer Twilight will be available on 7th June.

  • Are these Virtual Retreats specifically for Catholic schools?

    No! These retreats are suitable for Christian faith schools. They are Christ-centred and do not contain any prayers that are exclusive to the Catholic faith.

One Purchase - One School

Please get in touch if you are an Academy Company and would like to discuss a bespoke bulk purchase.

All virtual retreats will be available to you and your school for 30 days using your personal login details following the purchase of any retreat or retreat bundles. Planners and handouts will be available for download and printing, with all music and films streamed through this LMS (Learning Management System) which allows you to access the retreat for the specified period of time shown following the date of purchase. ** Please kindly respect our work and ministry by not sharing your login or downloads with other schools ** ONE PURCHASE - ONE SCHOOL


Unique and Valuable School Retreat

St Francis Primary

It was humbling for staff to see children quench their spiritual thirst whilst bonding together as a class. A wonderful start to our year! We are really excited to explore the staff retreats. A huge thank you to Dan and Emily!

Unique and Valuable School Retreat

Holy Trinity C of E Primary

We really enjoyed the singing and the opportunity to spend an afternoon thinking and sharing information about ourselves and feeling listened too. Everyone came away feeling valued and special. It was very empowering.

Unique and Valuable School Retreat

St Thomas More Primary

A massive thank you to OneLife Music for the wonderful retreat across the whole school. The children and staff loved the opportunity to reflect on themselves and spend more time with God. #uniqueandvaluable

Staff Twilight Reflection

Holy Family Primary

What a beautiful Autumn Reflection for our staff. Time well spent hearing God’s word and talking to God through prayer and song. Thank you OneLife Music #AutumnReflection #YearoftheWord #StaffTwilight