Daily Bursts of Liturgy for Lent

Join Dan and Emily each day for a short time of prayer, preparation and praise.

With the current challenges schools are under and with the uncertainty as to whether children will be in school or learning from home, OPEN provides an opportunity in Lent for a few short minutes of prayer and unity as a school community, coming together in faith, in the classroom or from the home. Lent OPEN series provides you with two purchase options, see below for more details.

Purchase Options Explained.

Option ONE: 'Access to View' 

 This is our usual way of sharing Virtual Retreats.                                                                                                             * Make your purchase and access your retreat  in each classroom of your school on the OneLife Platform using your schools email address and password login details.

Option TWO: 'Download to Upload'  

If you are currently providing resources for schooling at home, as well as for those children in school, then this option is for you.                                                                                                                                                          *This option allows users to download each daily OPEN to their own device from the OneLife platform. This special feature is provided for schools who are looking for ways of sharing resources and liturgy on their own school learning platform, website, course sharing page  or by email for home use as well as giving you the usual access to stream direct in the classroom