LENT - Full School Primary Retreat

  • Lent Retreat

    This retreat is a wonderful way to prepare during this holy season of Lent. This is a lovely opportunity to walk together as staff and children as we journey through Lent.

  • An Afternoon Retreat

    All the work has been done for you by OneLife Music, meaning there is very little for the lead teacher to do! The first chapter on the platform will provide you with a Planner, Attachments and Teachers Notes and the rest is led for you on the platform. Everything has been thoughtfully structured to allow the children a time to pray, sing, share and enjoy activities and because it is pre-recorded, you can make your purchase and hold the retreat on an afternoon that is best for everyone.

  • Enjoy the Retreat as a whole school

    This retreat has been designed to be run as a whole school experience. Either by streaming to each classroom or by coming together in your school hall, take comfort in the knowledge that everyone is on retreat at the same time.

Forgiveness and Mercy

| Psalm 103:11-12 |

As high as the sky is above the earth, so great is his love for those who honour him. As far as the east is from the west, so far does he remove our sins from us.

Retreat Content

Below is the outline and schedule for your schools retreat.

    1. Staff Briefing Film *Please Watch

    2. Downloadable RETREAT PLANNER for teachers

    3. Image and suggestion of a prayer focus

    4. EYFS TEACHER SHEET for Class Activities - Downloadable

    5. EYFS BOOKLET - Downloadable

    6. KS1 TEACHER SHEET for Class Activities - Downloadable

    7. KS1 REFLECTION SHEET - Downloadable

    8. KS2 TEACHER SHEET for Class Activities - Downloadable

    9. KS2 REFLECTION SHEET - Downloadable

    1. Lent Retreat 2024

    2. Film ONE - Chat before Lunch

    3. Film TWO - Opening Prayer

    4. Film THREE - Sharing

    5. Film FOUR - Intro to Class Meditation

    6. EYFS - Meditation

    7. Yr 1&2 - Meditation

    8. Yr 3&4 - Meditation

    9. Yr 5&6 - Meditation

    10. Film FIVE - Sharing

    11. Film SIX - Closing Prayer

    12. Lent Retreat 2024

    1. Sing Over Us (C)FishermanUKMusic

    2. Remember Me (c)OneLife Music

    3. Prodigals Return (C)FishermanUKMusic

    4. His Name is Jesus (c)OneLife Music

    5. Grace (C)FishermanUKMusic

    6. Sometimes Lord (c)OneLife Music

About this course

Brought to you by The OneLife Team

using their experience of working and visting schools to produce these pre-recorded Retreats

Retreat Team Dan and Emily OneLife Music

Dan and Emily are the team that make up OneLife Music. Based in the midlands, between them they have a wealth of experience sharing faith, music and retreats in schools. OneLife Music Retreat and Music Ministry that has passion and belief for delivering original, exciting and faith-filled retreat days for Primary schools which are rooted in Scripture and formed by Christian Values.

One Purchase - One School

Please get in touch if you are an Academy Company and would like to discuss a bespoke bulk purchase.

All retreats will be available to you and your school for 30 days using your personal login details following the purchase of any retreat or retreat bundles. Planners and handouts will be available for download and printing, with all music and films streamed through this LMS (Learning Management System) which allows you to access the retreat for 30 days following the date of purchase *Please kindly respect our work and ministry by not sharing your login or downloads with other schools* ONE PURCHASE - ONE SCHOOL